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Why did they come from other places
Where democracy and freedom are unknown
Why did they try to destroy and displace
The hard working people of New York?

If America lends a helping hand
To the hungry, the ill, without reward
Why did they come to destroy what we had...
As a symbol of the greatness of our land?

Why do they hate us so? Or is it hate?
Maybe it′s envy as they cannot do so
As Americans can...to ensure their fate
Without hurting people′s hearts nor souls.

September eleventh will remain in our hearts
As the day when evil unexpected showed up
To destroy our nation and pull Americans apart
But instead...love and resilience kept our spirits up.

Comparing those to animals? Not fair!
Would be an insult to the noble beast
To demonic, evil souls we can compare
We find this analogy the best.

They can try to destroy what we have built
They can try to make us look like fools
We hope some day they cannot live with guilt
Neither can they destroy our souls.

United States, our beloved nation
As Americans, the poor, the rich, the faithful
Will always be together...since creation
Of our great country...America the Beatuful!


Ana Oleson

Copyright © Todos los derechos reservados.

Publicado el: 17-01-2003
Última modificación: 31-08-2003

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