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I write words, I call them Poems
Words that tell of happiness and love,
Words that tell my pain and anger
And sometimes I bare my soul.

Poetry, my friend, you′re only words
Aimlessly whirling in the wind
Gathered by my inner thoughts
And woven into dreams.

Words that tell in metaphors
The feelings of my heart and soul:
Walks with my beloved on the shores,
My pain at his parting from this world,

Words that capture the beauty of youth,
The strength and wisdom of old age,
Words of admiration for the truth,
At the human injustice...words of rage.

If my words leave an imprint
In the hearts of those who read them
I will look at the sky and with a smile...
I will thank my God...I′ll feel fulfilled.

Ana Oleson

Copyright © Todos los derechos reservados.

Publicado el: 03-06-2003
Última modificación: 15-07-2003

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